The Institute

The EURES Institute for Regional Studies in Europe was an independent company for consulting and research. It was founded in 1989, initially as an association, since 1992 as limited partnership “EURES – Institut für Regionale Studien in Europa, Schleicher-Tappeser KG” with headquarters in Freiburg. From 1992 to 1997 there was a branch office in Saxony. The EURES institute was closed in 2004.

Founder and director of the EURES institute until its closure was Ruggero Schleicher-Tappeser.

The EURES institute has worked for public and private clients, mainly with methods from social sciences and economics. All projects and approaches of the institute were characterised by three main concerns:

  • Sustainable development
  • European cooperation
  • Participation

Since the beginnings, a particular interest was devoted to the relationship between the regional and the european level. In the last years of operation the EURES Institute had two departments:

  • regional development
  • European environmental and transport policies